Things to Do Near Mount Batur

Top Things to Do Near Mount Batur

Explore the Tegalalang Rice Terrace

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces are, undoubtedly, one of the most stunning destinations to explore in Bali, for their obvious lush beauty. It's a one-stop location for visitors passing through Bali's sandy beaches, towering mountains, and rumbling volcanoes. The lush green rice paddies stretch on for the vast lands of Bali while creating an awe-inspiring panorama. Tegalalang is one of the three most beautiful terraced landscapes in Ubud's communal zone and visiting the paddies is certainly one of the top activities to do near Mount Batur. You can enjoy the view from the top of Tegalalang Rice Terrace, or choose to go for a trekking adventure on the paddies from top to bottom.

Visit Besakih Great Temple

Widely popular for being the mother of all the temples in Bali, the Pura Agung Besakih Temple is the largest Hindu complex temple in Bali. It is home to an estimated 86 temples, including the major Pura Penataran Agung (State Temple) and its over a thousand years old edifice that stands at an altitude of 1,000 meters above the southern slopes of Mount Batur. This Hindu temple is the island's largest, purest, and most important edifice with a rich history of somehow surviving the horrific volcanic explosion of 1963. It is set among vast rice paddies, highlands, hillsides, and streams, making it a picturesque destination for photographers.

Camping in N'jung Bali

Camping at N'jung Bali is one of the best things to do near Mount Batur for nature lovers and campers. The hotel, which is located near the Batur hot springs, offers luxury accommodation, traditional local cuisine, and breathtaking natural beauty of the backdrop. The journey to the camp takes two hours and passes through the lush green forest, magnificent rice paddy fields and plantations. You have the opportunity to set up your own dome-shaped tent inside the forest, and be surrounded by the pleasant beauty of the jungle while making endless conversations and memories with friends.

Visit Tirta Empul Temple

One of the most famous temple edifices in Indonesia, the Tirta Empul Temple has a rich significant heritage and large temple complex and holy mountain spring in the central Bali town of Manukaya. The location is the mythical setting of a classic tale of good vs. evil. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is encircled by hedgerows of vegetation and has a wonderful setting of hills. Within the temple is a hot spring pool, which is frequently utilized for purifying baths and ceremonies. The ideal time to visit the temple is on a full moon night, as the scenic beauty of the temple will astound you to the core, making a visit to Tirta Empul temple one of the ideal things to do near Mount Batur.

Visit Batuan Village

A visit to some village might not seem to be worth your time, but you won’t regret paying a visit to the Batuan Village. It’s one of the most exciting activities to do near Mount Batur as Batuan Village is a well-known Balinese artwork / Balinese paintings gallery and a prominent destination in Bali. Set at a distance of 7 km north of Denpasar and about 10 km to the southern side of Ubud, the Village Batuan is famous for its culture, traditional dancing, artistic paintings and wood carvings, and whatnot. You can even purchase a painting if you like it.

Explore Museum Geopark Batur

Located on Jl. Raya Penelokan, Kintamani, the Museum Geopark Batur houses a remarkable collection of prehistoric rocks as well as an audio-visual show about Mount Batur's history. Once you enter, you'll find a wealth of information about geology shown in numerous dioramas, the fascinating development of Bali Island, which is home to two volcanoes - Mount Batur and Mount Agung. This model explains how the island of Bali evolved more than 23 million years ago in the east of Java due to underwater volcanic activity. Learning about how far Bali has come throughout all these centuries is one of the most educational things to do near Mount Batur.

Explore Pinggan Sunrise Spot

Pinggan Village is a one-of-a-kind sight located in the Kintamani region northeast of the island, at an elevation of 1300 meters above sea level. What makes this village so enticing and worth-visiting are the magical and panoramic views of the sunrise this village offers to the visitors. The view here is stunning, with pine trees and a mountain backdrop. It serves to be a forever hunting place for photographers to find the greatest snap of the sunrise. Exploring the sunrise spot in Pinggan Village is obviously one of the most charming things to do near Mount Batur.

Visit Nungnung Waterfall

The Nungnung Waterfall is one of the most-loved Bali waterfalls for being tremendously strong and significant. It's a mostly-visited waterfall; however, you must exert some effort in order to reach the NungNung waterfall. You can reach the waterfalls by taking more than 500 steps down, making the descent and ascent a good workout. This is a one-of-a-kind waterfall and one of the top spots to see in Bali. The water gushes down with incredible force, resulting in a lot of spray. You can swim in the pool, but avoid getting too close to the waterfall because the force of the water can gravely injure you.

Enjoy at Toya Bungkah

The Toya Bungkah hot spring in the Kintamani Village region is one of the top spots in Bali to visit. Toya is the Indonesian word for water, and Bungkah is the Indonesian term for stone. Toya Bungkah, then, refers to water that seeps through fractures in the rock. When you arrive at Toya Bungkah Hot Springs, expect the water to be warm (about 38-39 C) in the bathing pool. The water is also said to have therapeutic powers, that being said, the water is able to treat a variety of skin ailments.


What are the best things to do near Mount Batur?

Some of the best things to do near Mount Batur are-- Enjoying hot springs at Toya Bungkah, which is said to have therapeutic power for healing skin ailments and is a wonderful place to take a dip. Toya Bungkah is known for relaxing your mind and soul as you explore more of its scenic beauty and charm.- Explore the magical views of the sunrise in the Pinggan Village and click tons of photographs and relax while sipping a hot cup of coffee. Pinggan Village is also known for being a picturesque village above the clouds.- Visit the Gopark Museum Batur and educate yourself with the information about the development of Bali and be mesmerized by the collection of prehistoric rocks. The museum is a must-visit attraction for families with kids as it provides an infotainment adventure for the kids.- Visit the Batur Village to appreciate the beauty and talent of Balinese locals and their paintings, crafts, and dance performances showcasing Bali’s vivacious life and culture. You can purchase their wood panel carvings, crafts, and paintings.- Visit the Tegalalang Rice Terrace and appreciate the lush green beauty of the landscape as you hike all the way up to the highlands. You may also learn about the process of irrigation in the paddies while mingling with the farmers.

When is Tirta Empul Temple open?

The opening hours of Tirta Empul Temple are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.

How long do you have to spend at Tirta Empul?

The Tirta Empul Temple is a vast edifice and it takes around 30-45 minutes to entirely explore the temple.

Where is Besakih Temple located?

The Besakih Temple or the Mother of all the Balinese Temples is located at the Besakih village settlement in eastern Bali, Indonesia, on the slopes of Mount Agung. The exact address is Jl. Gunung Mas No.Ds, Besakih, Kec. Rendang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80863, Indonesia.

Why is the Besakih Temple Tour so famous?

The Besakih Temple, also known as the Besakih Mother Temple, is a popular tourist destination in Bali because of its spirituality and beliefs, attracting visitors seeking to experience the breathtaking atmosphere and ancient architecture of the temples.

Why is Nungnung Waterfall so famous?

Nungnung Waterfall is one of the most-visited waterfalls in Indonesia and it’s famous for providing a breathtaking view of the waterfall and an exhilarating trekking experience.

What is the best time to visit Nungnung Waterfall?

The best time to visit Nungnung Waterfall is between 11 am to 2:00 pm due to the sun shining over the waterfall.


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