Overview of Mount Batur

Mount Batur can be considered as one of the most sought adventure destinations packed with the best of natural landscapes. Located at a height of 1171 meters above the sea level, this mountain terrain is an active volcano site which last erupted in the year 2000. Ever since, these mountains have become a vivid and picturesque spot for all trekking and hiking enthusiasts. Through a serene trek up, tourists will come across a wide range of enthralling forests, thick wilderness, hot springs finally reaching the summit form where one can marvel upon the incredible and panoramic view of the entire Bali landscapes.

Mount Batur Trekking promises you a time of your life.

This trek ranges from moderate to difficult levels and has to be carried out under expert guidance. Gather your gang, and trek up till the summit to witness the most beautiful sunrise ever. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking attracts a crowd of curious tourists who want to enjoy the thrill of hiking up on an active volcano range.

A Trek to Mount Batur is one of the best ways to connect with the untouched and panoramic natural beauty of Bali. The best time to enjoy Mount Batur and the blissful sunrise is during early morning hours. Don't forget to camp at the highest of summits and enjoy the unforgettable views of the starry night sky of Bali.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Overview

About the Activity
  • Explore the marvelous beauty of Mount Batur and admire the thick wilderness, panoramic views of the natural landscapes and unique wildlife surrounding you.
  • Witness the most extraordinary crack of dawn in your Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking expedition and click the most magical pictures.
  • Explore the verdant coffee plantations of Bali and learn about Mount Batur and its volcanic activities in the past from our trained English speaking guide.
  • Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking also includes a splendid bath in its natural hot springs which is sure to wash away your tiredness.
  • Swing on the Bali swings and indulge in the subtle culture and routes of Bali tourism.

Things To Experience At Mount Batur

The extraordinary and precious greenery of Bali has been the talk of the town for years. Trekking and hiking on the most beautiful Mount Batur has been on the bucket list of many nature enthusiasts.

This active volcano range, which is also one of the most fertile grounds around Bali, promises you an enthralling view of the entire Bali landscape from its summit located at a height of 1717 meters.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is a definite addition to your travel itinerary.

Get pickup from your accommodation and witness the most marvelous break of dawn from the summit. Enjoy a walk through the green coffee plantations and also bathe in the well preserved Bali hot springs in this area.

Mount Batur Sunrise
Mount Batur Sunrise

 Mount Batur sunrise is one of the most amusing things to witness once in your life. The beautiful and active volcanic range of Mount Batur, with its recent eruptions in the year 2000, makes it one of the most fertile grounds in Bali. Its vivid forest life, aviary, coffee plantations and a plethora of hot springs, make it a beautiful location for a trekking expedition.


 If you reach the summit in time, then you may get a chance to experience the most awe-inspiring sunrise ever. Marvel at the extremely enchanting views of the cloudy sky beneath your feet with the unbeatable break of dawn lighting up the morning sky.

Mount Batur Hot Springs
Mount Batur Hot Springs

Mount Batur is known for its active volcanic activity which has led to the formation of a myriad of natural hot springs. A bathing expedition in the natural hot springs is believed to be extremely therapeutic and enriching. Post your Mount Batur trekking expedition, wash away your tiredness by bathing in the extremely relaxing warming hot springs.

Enjoy the lush greenery and cloudy sky surrounding you and have a fun splashing and bathing session in the water. The Mount Batur hot springs are available at a plenty of locations and are a perfect way to connect to the verdant nature tranquilizing you.

Mount Batur Camping
Mount Batur Camping

 Mount Batur Camping is another serene and unique way to enjoy the verdant Bali landscape surrounding you. The Mount Batur sunrise trekking will take you on hike through the magical forest and dense vegetation upto the peak at a height of 1700 meters above the sea level.


 Enjoy the heart-warming views of the cloudy sky and lush wilderness at your feet. Indulge in a camping excursion and admire the starry night sky as well.

Know Before You Go for Mount Batur Trek

How to Reach
Rules & Regulations
Essential Information
Mount Batur
  • By Bus: Tourists can also reach the location with the intercity bus services starting from the Kintamani district of Bali to reach Mount Batur.
  • By Car: Tourists can also opt for private cabs/taxis from Ngurah Rai International Airport to reach the location.
  • By Transfers: Get pickup from your accommodations located in the central regions of Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Canggu, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Sanur, and Ubud areas. With private transfers or shuttle services you can easily reach the locations.

Tips to visit Mount Batur Trek

  • Wear light and summer clothes for your trekking expedition. Tourists are advised to wear sturdy shoes for a comfortable climb on the steep slopes.
  • It is advised that tourists carry drinks and snack items as the trek can last upto 10 hours. Stay hydrated at all times and have healthy and light breakfast at the various shops and street vendors available on your trekking route.
  • Carry hiking equipment, tents, edibles, torch and rain protection if you wish to camp and stay overnight on the Mount Batur summit.
  • Carry cameras as you wouldn't want to miss the splendid sunrise and the most marvelous summit view when you reach the peak.

Things to Do near Mount Batur

Mount Batur has always been one of the finest attractions around Bali, promising you a beautiful and eccentric connection with the nature around. This amusing attraction has plenty of intriguing activities to do around it which will keep you busy in your tour expedition.

From the serene and beautiful Tegalalang rice paddies to the great Besaikh Temple, Bali is one of the most charming tourist destinations, to explore in your Bali expedition.You can visit to the grandiose Pingann sunrise spot, and capture awe-inspiring and distinct views of the magical break of dawn illuminating the entire verdant landscapes.

Explore the Tegalalang rice terrace
Explore the Tegalalang rice terrace

Tucked away from the exhilarating beaches and hustling city life, Tegalalang rice paddies promise you a serene escape from the usual hustling atmosphere of Bali. These long and enriching rice paddies, preserved and well maintained by the farmers, are a picturesque recreational spot to visit.

Admire the never-ending stretch of verdant rice paddies spread over humongous areas and click enthralling pictures with the vivid ‘I love Bali’ sign. Walk through these green cascading paddy fields, and admire the chill ambiance, cool streams and a perfect connection with nature like no other.

Visit Besakih Great Temple
Visit Besakih Great Temple

Situated in the foothills of Mount Agung, the great Besaikh temple is one of the oldest Hindu temple complexes in Bali. This temple comprises 86 complexes, the Pura Penataran Agung being the central temple. 

Maintaining the Hindu culture and traditions, this temple is one of the most splendid architectural creations and offering a prayer here is believed to make your wishes come true.

Admire the well preserved culture, and marvel at the distinct gates, splendid wall carvings and sculpture of Hindu deities inside the temple. Spend some lovely time amidst the escalating courtyards and make amazing memories to last a lifetime.

Camping in N'jung Bali
Camping in N'jung Bali

A great thing to do near Mount Batur is camping at N'jung Bali. This amusing and comfortable accommodation renders the most picturesque views of the serene and beautiful Mount Batur. This accommodation has a wide range of rooms, a myriad of recreational activities like cycling, outdoor sports and nature walks to keep you busy for a long time.

Explore the best of Bali’s most authentic culture and routine and wake up to the best sunrise view from your room. Have a splendid picnic session on the top of the hills and admire the cloudy and misty atmosphere encapsulating you.

Visit Tirta Empul Temple
Visit Tirta Empul Temple

Located near Tampaksiring, the beautiful and enchanting Tirta Empul Temple, is picturesque and one of the oldest Hindu temple complexes in Bali. With the splendid Mount Batur Bali mountain ranges adorning the backdrop, this temple is an enchanting attraction to visit when in Bali.

The special highlight of this amusing temple is its bathing structure with fresh spring water also considered holy water in the Hindu culture. Devotees gather here to dip in the cool and refreshing water and offer their prayers to the Hindu Gods. A bath in the spring water is considered to be extremely refreshing and washes away all negative feelings and sins. 

Visit Batuan Village
Visit Batuan Village

Tucked away from the hustling life of Bali, the beautiful and extremely relaxing Bataun village offers a perfect escape for all art and handicraft enthusiasts. With the collection of the best art works from the most splendid artists from across Bali, the Bataun village renders a perfect display of all amusing work.

Tourists can admire the extremely enchanting paintings, handicrafts, wooden sculptures, teak carvings and more. One of the most spectacular displays is the ‘Fat Baby Buddha’ statue which is considered as one of best handicraft creations. This village has preserved the authentic Bali culture, and artistic styles for over generations which makes it a must visit.

Explore Museum Geopark Batur
Explore Museum Geopark Batur

A part of the honorable UNESCO global geopark network, the splendid museum of Geopark Batur highlights various collections and models related to the field of geological, biological and cultural diversity. This museum showcases the various dioramas which explain the formations of the land of Bali with special highlights on the various geological processes over centuries.

Not only this, you will spot various explanations on the volcanic eruptions which led to the formation of the land of Java and Nusa Penida. Get an insight into the geological aspects and have a memorable experience of this entire museum. 

Explore Pinggan Sunrise Spot
Explore Pinggan Sunrise Spot

Spot the most amusing sunrise on the amazing Pingann sunrise spot and have a therapeutic session like another. Hike up till the peak, before dawn and witness the most heart-warming break of dawn ever.

The Pinggan Sunrise Spot is surrounded by swaying pine trees and the most lush wilderness beneath your feet, making it a perfect way to connect with the soulful nature around you. If you are on time, then you can spot the most glorious sunrise ever surrounded by misty clouds and picturesque landscape views like no other.

Visit Nungnung Waterfall
Visit Nungnung Waterfall

Bali has abundant waterfalls, and one such picturesque waterfall is the beautiful Nungnung waterfall. This cascading beauty is perched at a height of 70 meters and falls into a pool of deep refreshing water perfect for bathing and swimming. Tucked away from the city, the waterfalls are located in the wilderness of Ubud.

Take a serene nature walk up to this waterfall and admire the panoramic beauty which makes it one of the most astounding natural attractions near Mount Batur Bali. The waterfall is less crowded and allows one to soak up in the true beauty of Bali’s best natural attractions.

Enjoy at Toya Bungkah
Enjoy at Toya Bungkah

Bali has an abundant number of hot springs due to its volcanic eruptions in the past which gave way to this extremely therapeutic natural attraction. Toya Bungkah, is a serene and relaxing hot spring which has mineral rich water perfect for a bathing experience. This therapeutic bathing is scientifically proven to cure muscular strains and stress and can end up being the most relaxing experiences to enjoy in your Bali trip.

Mount Batur Trek FAQs

How hard is the hike up to Mount Batur?

    Hiking up to the Mount Batur peak can be considered as a bit of challenging because of its high altitude and steep climb. Apart from all these, you will also get to feel a bit of heat from the mountain as it is an active volcano.

    The path gets difficult as you climb higher and higher but if you are someone with decent physical fitness then you will surely be able to do it without any issue. You should be careful about the loose rocks and gravel on the path and should put on good hiking shoes to make your way to the summit.

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Is food or refreshments included in the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking package?

Is food or refreshments included in the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking package?

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